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IVDEC is the trading name of IVD Export Consultants LLP, a company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: OC393271


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Building International Sales

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​  Distribution & Sales Management

According to your requirements, IVDEC will select and evaluate distributors helping you to build long term relationships.

We will qualify distributors in terms of: product specialism, portfolio, sales & service capabilities, geographic coverage and more.

We can offer help with your distributor agreements by: negotiating on your behalf and preparing your agreements.

  • ​Database access to enable a targeted search for suitable partner candidates
  • Distributor selection according to Principal’s criteria
  • Negotiations for Distributor appointment with Contractual compliance
  • Distributor management (interim, fixed contract, permanent)

​Our international team will work with you to establish sales targets and performance milestones and provide ongoing distributor management.

Market and Product Evaluation

IVDEC consultants located in various countries around the world will provide your company with local market knowledge, help you evaluate your product's potential and advise you on the best strategy to enter the desired market.

  • Market evaluation prior to full product launch
  • Advice on requirements for market entry (cultural needs, regulatory compliance, languages)